National Market System Plans

MIAX Options®, MIAX Pearl® and MIAX Emerald® are participants in the following National Market System Plans:

Options Regulatory Surveillance Authority

The Options Regulatory Surveillance Authority (“ORSA”) Plan provides for the joint surveillance, investigation and detection of insider trading on each of the participating exchanges’ options markets.

Options Price Reporting Authority

The Options Price Reporting Authority (“OPRA”) Plan provides for the collection, consolidation and dissemination of last sale reports, quotation information and other information regarding eligible options contracts. The OPRA Plan also provides for the distribution and sale of such information.

Options Order Protection and Locked/Crossed Market Plan

The options exchanges currently use a decentralized linkage to route orders through the use of private routing brokers. The Options Order Protection and Locked/Crossed Market Plan enables the Participants to act jointly in establishing a framework for providing order protection and addressing Locked and Crossed Markets in eligible options classes. Each Participant in the Plan is required to establish, maintain and enforce rules, policies and procedures that are reasonably designed to prevent trade throughs and to avoid displaying locked and crossed markets. See Chapter XIV of MIAX Options Rules for more information.

Options Listing Procedures Plan

The U.S. options exchanges and OCC are sponsors of the Options Listing Procedures Plan (“OLPP”), a national market system plan which describes procedures to be followed by the parties in connection with selecting specified underlying interests for listing purposes and requesting a review of such selections. The OLPP additionally describes procedures for selecting options series, determining operational procedures relative to adjustment decisions, and admitting and removing plan sponsors.

Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT)

The CAT NMS Plan governs the collection, processing and distribution of quotation and transaction information for securities listed on the MIAX Exchanges.