MIAX offers access to a broad range of real-time market data feeds.

Top of Market (ToM) feeds

Offering best bid and offer data for each exchange through real-time feeds.

Real-time connectivity

MIAX provides real-time connectivity to market data distribution systems through the MIAX Express Network Interconnect (MENI), an infrastructure comprised of low latency solutions.

Unique delivery solutions

MIAX provides flexible connectivity options and locations, giving clients the ability to create solutions uniquely suited to fit their specific business needs and recovery requirements.

Market Data

Data Products & Services

MIAX provides a broad range of data services designed to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Market Share Monitor

MIAX provides access to U.S. Options and Equity industry volumes through our market share dashboard, providing insight into real-time and historical market share data.

At MIAX, we have listened to our customers and developed low latency data feeds that meet the needs of our client base. Our market data feeds are purposely built to support customer demands for their high performance trading systems.

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