MGEX™ Electronic Trading

MGEX  products trade on the CME Globex® platform. To access CME Globex you or your broker need a trading account with an MGEX Clearing Member. Clearing Members provide connectivity once you have an account. For more information on getting connected to CME Globex click here.

MGEX permits the following Order Types for Market Participants entering orders through CME Globex: Limit, Market Order with Protection, Market to Limit, Stop Limit, and Stop Order with Protection. Additional information on the CME Globex platform including supported order types, order qualifiers, and functionality is available on the CME Globex Reference Guide.

MGEX is here to help with your trading needs. If you have questions about getting started with electronic trading, please contact our Support Desk at

Inquiries about regulatory matters, including regulatory approvals in foreign jurisdictions, should be forwarded to the MGEX Compliance Department at