Agricultural Index Products

The five MGEX financially settled agricultural index contracts provide solid trading options for traditional hedgers and speculators. Whether you want to create a synthetic basis trade, a storage hedge or simply lay off risk from another trade, the MGEX indexes are tools you can use to get it done.

  • Hard Red Spring Wheat Index
  • Hard Red Winter Wheat Index
  • Soft Red Winter Wheat Index
  • National Corn Index
  • National Soybean Index

Each of these contracts can be used on their own or in a complimentary trading strategy with their physically delivered counterparts. The contracts provide many benefits, not the least of which is the integrity of the country level pricing and thus a more stable basis. Working with DTN, MGEX obtains a daily average of country elevator pricing for each contract. The spot index is based on this average price and the contracts financially settle to this index upon expiration. The bid collection process is well defined and audited by MGEX to ensure pricing integrity.

General Agricultural Index Resources

MGEX has worked with DTN to figure the spot index prices for our five financially settled agricultural index contracts since contract introduction. DTN was selected because of their reputation for providing accurate data to the agricultural industry and their commitment to customer service.

Spot Indexes

NCI 382.23 2,896
DWI 637.75 40
NSI 1036.60 2,559
HRSI 530.22 385
HRWI 509.50 895
SRWI 471.71 645
WWI 530.99 114
Data as of July 15, 2024