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SPIKES Futures (SPK) are based on the SPIKES Index, which is built on the SPDR® S&P 500® ETF (SPY), and provide market participants with a new way to trade volatility. SPK is powered by MIAX® and offered by Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX™) via the CME Globex® platform. Investors can expand their trading strategies with a new level of risk diversification and design features of the SPIKES Index: proprietary price dragging and truncation methodologies with underlying SPY option component liquidity.

Contact products@miaxglobal.com to learn more about SPIKES Futures.

Minneapolis Grain Exchange
Minneapolis Grain Exchange

MGEX has been an integral part of the futures trading industry for over 140 years through its clearing house and futures exchange. MGEX is a MIAX company and offers MIAX Futures including SPIKES Futures via the CME Globex Platform.

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