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SPIKES Volatility Products are traded on the SPIKES Volatility Index (SPIKE), which updates every 100 milliseconds for improved accuracy. The index is a measure of the expected 30-day volatility in SPY, the world's most actively traded ETF. SPIKES is built utilizing the popular variance swap methodology and uses live options prices to calculate volatility.

MIAX® is proud to partner with T3 Index to offer SPIKES Volatility Products.

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SPIKES Options

Trading on MIAX, give your portfolio an edge with 100% electronic execution differentiated by throughput, latency, reliability and wire order determinism.  

SPIKES Futures

SPIKES Futures

Offered by Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX™) via the CME Globex® platform, trade 23 hours a day, 5 days per week with highly accurate data and peak transparency.

Certain cash-settled index options and futures, such as options and futures on SPIKES Index, that are listed in the United States may be eligible for the preferential 60/40 tax treatment. The ratio is such that 60% of any gains could be taxed as long term capital gains and the remaining 40% as short term capital gains. Options and futures on the SPIKES Index may fall into his category. Please consult your tax professional for advice on this topic. See www.irs.gov/forms, for self-directed guidance from the U.S. government's IRS website. MIAX and its affiliates do not offer tax advice.

To learn more about SPIKES Volatility Products please contact products@miaxglobal.com or 609-897-8177.

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