The search engine making financial data accessible to everyone

Exclusively offered for a limited time at no charge to MIAX® users, SHIFT takes the headache out of market research, providing traders with access to unique data—just type, click and go. 

MIAX is pleased to support a SHIFT in the way market participants consume trading data.






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Market transparency for instant clarity

Data is everywhere; but it's about easily accessing the right data more efficiently. SHIFT delivers market data in a unique presentation in just a few clicks, with the ability to view information across 16 options exchanges, accessing crucial information to support real-time analysis.

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Historic views of volatility

Have the power to go back in time, understanding how past market volatility has influenced the present. High-level charts appear as you search, providing immediate access to data that allows you to analyze market conditions based to support your trading decisions.

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Level up the conversation with real data

Create easy-to-consume market reports and share them instantly with colleagues or on social media.